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What will a home inspection tell me?

As a rule of thumb, think of a home inspection like a visit to the doctor. Your doctor takes looks at several of your body’s individual components – reflexes, blood pressure, and medical history – to make an overall all determination of your health. Home inspectors work in much the same way.

Since every property is different, the specifics of what is checked during your home’s inspection may very slightly.


The following will be reviewed during your home inspection:

  • Roof coverings

  • Structural components 

  • Gutter systems

  • Interior components

  • Interior plumbing systems

  • Interior electrical systems

  • Heating & cooling systems

  • Chimney and fireplace

  • Condition of windows

  • Condition of doors and door frames

  • Condition of floors, walls and ceilings

  • The attic and any visible insulation

  • Safety hazards

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